Belarus activist arrested when Ryanair flight in Belarusian Sky.

Former chief editor of a Telegram channel Nexta Raman Pratasevich, shown here in August 2020, was detained in Minsk onboard a Ryanair plane that made an emergency landing in the Belarusian capital.

The Belarus activist has arrested after President Alexander Lukashenko ordered. A fighter jet to escort his Ryanair plane to Minsk, according to Pull Pervogo.

The Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs said Sunday. Raman Pratasevich was detained at Minsk airport.

The flight path was from Athens, Greece, to Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, an approach that crosses through Belarus.

Ryanair said on the statement that informed the fight. Potential security threat onboard” by Belarus air traffic control and told them to an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

The flight was land in Minsk then local securities check the flight.

After 5 hours later the passengers and crew were disbursed at the Minsk airport. Nothing untoward was found by local authorities.

The airline company says, ” we apologize for the delay and we are notices that European national safety and security.”

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After that, the flight took off for Vilnius, said the European Commissioner.

According to Russian state media, the flight was landing in uncomfortable in Minsk airport. However, a spokesperson for Lithuania airports told LRT National Radio that it was due to a conflict between a passenger and one crew member. Lina Beishene said the Lithuanian civil aviation authorities had not been informed about a bomb threat.

US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher said on Twitter.

She also said on Twitter; Private travelers can not be subject to diversion and delay by the whims and machinations of a vindictive regime. The American citizens and all others on RyanAir must be allowed to travel to Vilnius. #StandWithBelarus. Lukashenka’s unrestrained efforts to imprison and silence political foes hurts the country’s people, its international reputation, as well as its economy.

The Foreign Minister of Lithuania said the news of the forced landing was disturbing. Gabrielius Landsbergis tweeted that he is “working with international partners to secure safe passage back to Vilnius for all passengers.”

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