Biden Administration Approved a $735 Million Arms Sale to Israel

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu

U.S. President Joe Biden’s government approved a 735 million dollar sale to Israel. The deal on the congress table and the U.S. lawmakers have not expected the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

5th May, the congressman is discussing the deals, before approving the sale item. The regular review process before major foreign weapons sales agreements can go ahead.

This report first comes on Washington Post.

This information was coming in first in April, and since 5th May, the deals are reviewing in Congress. If any congressman has a problem with the deals within 15 days, they might cancel sales.

However, when the situation is intense, the Israeli force and pro-Palestinian groups are in front of each other, which is not expected.

Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary Lloyd Austin at a press conference

The sale of Joint Direct Attack Munitions, or JDAMs, made by Boeing Co (BA.N), was considered routine at the time, before the start last week of the fiercest hostilities in the region in years.

When the situations are intense, there is no objection by the Democrat Party and Republicans. These types of aides have never happened in U.S. Congress.

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As of now, Neither any congressman said anything nor JDAMs spoke in person. The spokespersons said, “We are very much concerned about the current violence and we are looking forward to it.”

The most substantial support is provided by U.S. lawmakers. They know the Israeli government is worst damaging the terrorist. The U.S. lawmaker is an object on sale since Israel is one helpful country of the USA. The sale will be continuity.

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