Donald Trump’s Administrator Warning to American People The “STOP” to Invest In The Chinese Company

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

In a recent report, The US Government added a new list, they’re told to American people to stop Invest in Chinese companies, we are taking a necessary step to block those companies in the USA. As per section 1237of, the National Defense Authorization ACT Fiscal Year1999 (Public Law105-261).

The US Defense department related an internal list in 2020 June.  the act says that who might be a danger for the United States of America. The government can impose a sanction, the President to impose sanctions, with the exception of import-related restrictions, below the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (“IEEPA”) “in the case of any endeavor within the US by someone that’s on the list”. Section 1237(b). It seems that the President isn’t needed to declare a national emergency so as to impose such sanctions, as is often the case beneath IEEPA.

The Act defines the term “Communist Chinese military company” as:

The Government also says, if any of US person or US Company is working with the People’s Republic of China’s the government will not support their initiative. When these bills first time appear in US Congress. It created headlines as a result of it expressly known 5 major China-based technology firms. However, the statute and therefore the implementing rules generally outline this prohibition together with alternative unidentified firms. The US government also says’s those companies may still your identity from a telecom or Videos.

There are many more companies like Xiaomi Corporation, Grand China Air Co. Ltd (GCAC) is on the list. For the full list, you can read on DoD.

Donald Trump Government doesn’t want that President-elect Joe Biden to the hardest job to remove the sanction. If the Biden administrator removes the sanction from China, then the Donald Trump party will be proved to the American people that the Biden administrator is not for the American people and he will serve the Chinese Communist Party.

The question is, what Joe Biden Will Do?

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