How to download YouTube videos in Mp4 format

How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Format

The world’s largest video stream platform is YouTube. Nowadays every one watching a video because it’s free? NO, The content is much more attractive for the audience. because it’s a free platform, everyone has their own favorite content creator. It’s might be Casey Neistat, DrDisRespect, Logan Paul, or maybe Peter McKinnon. Almost, Everyone wanted to see their videos at your home because we have free WiFi but, outside like SubWay or in Bus. We don’t have a proper internet speed and also, we don’t want to use mobile data. So YouTube has a new feature is you can download your favorite content creator videos. 

To download the videos is not completely free on YouTube, but I show, You can download the videos from YouTube. Sometimes, it will be working fine on YouTube in apps, but sometimes, It will not be working fine.

How to convert YouTube videos to mp4, and How to download YouTube to mp4.

But Frist, 

How to download videos on YouTube and store them on YouTube?

This method is only working in YouTube Apps. You need to open the app. Select the videos which you want to save it offline. Open the video “Click the download option” Or you can see the right side of the image.

The select options which quality you need to download then press that one. Then it will start to download it.

You can find it on YouTube Library. then press the download symbol, there you can see the download video. The videos will play a max of 720p with the regulation will not play while in the library.

For better understanding, I attach my YouTube video.

Here’s the another way to download mp4 from YouTube.

In online, their bunch of websites is available. They allow you to download the mp4 videos. Today, I share some websites and procedures. How to download Youtube Videos in Mp4 format?

One of the website is ddownr. Open the site then selects which videos you want to download. Copy the URL of the video. And Then Past the URL in ddownr and then select the quality of the video. There are multiple options like MP4, 4k, Or 3gp.

There is a download option. Just click it. After some time, it’ll take you to another page. Then you can download your video through this website.

It’s totally free.

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