How to Show Proof of Income: As A Self-Employed

Proof of income for self-employed

Self-employed or a businessman, everyone needs proof of income. Proof of income helps to get your mortgage, personal loans, health insurance plan, etc. If you think it’s not easy to show proof of income for self-employed but it’s necessary. So follow these steps for “how to show proof of income for a self-employed in 2022.”

Tax Return

The tax return is the essential document for income proof. If you are self-employed or an individual receives the tax return file at the end of the accounting year. Mostly the tax return documents are considered reliable legal documents. However, you need to keep in record these documents before tax season ends. And at least you need to keep 6-7 years copies of tax return filled. So, last year’s tax return (1040) is a document that all of your income sources records in one place. Wage and tax statement (W-2) is proof of your wages and taxes legal document. For a self-employed, you need to know about schedule C or schedule C-EZ for filing a return. Also, it would be best, whether you can use schedule SE tax to pay your Medicare and social security taxes. 

Bank Statements

A bank statement is also another way to prove your income proof. But you need to separate an account for your business because it’s an easy way to record only business expenses, and you don’t confuse it with your personal expenses. When you show your proof of income from the business account, you can show stable income flow. If you don’t have any copies of the bank statements, then you can get help from your bank. Just go to the bank, and your banker can print a statement or mail the statement on your id. Make sure you need to carry your id for verification.

Profit and Loss Statements

If you are a business owner or self-employed, you need to record your profit and loss. And every individual can make a profit and loss statement only to help with some research. Or you can get help from an accountant for creating profit and loss statements—this statement summary of your business cost, expenditures, revenue, and business-related deposit. Profit and loss statements can show your proof of income for self-employment. 

Online Payments 

Suppose you use online payment services such as PayPal that automatically tracks your expenses and deposit. So, that’s tracks or records you always get from these websites. And it’s also you can show like income proof. 


So, now what you think, it’s a lot easier to think about self-employment. All you need to keep in mind follow these steps (Tax Return, Bank Statements, Profit and Loss Statements, and Online Payments), and you are all set to go. 

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