HP Elite Folio Snapdragon Powered Convertible

Hp Elite Folio

Hewlett-Packard introduced a two-in-one device. Its laptop comes to Tab. They call it HP Elite Folio. I know this device is looking fantastic. It’s not looking impressive—the device itself is a monster in terms of performance. The Elite folio comes with Snapdragon processor chips. When coming to Snapdragon to making mobile chips, then they are the best in class. All the years, Snapdragon knows their reliability and performance. 

What is inside of HP Elite Folio?

The device is integrated with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen2 5G with integrated Adren 690 Graphics (up to 3.0 GHz frequency, 4 MB L3 cache, 8 cores). The model comes with 8GB DDR4 ram, and also, The stander storage comes with 256 NVMe SSD, but in India, they might ship with 128GB of storage. Although, You don’t need to worry about that. Suppose you are lived in the USA or Europe. It’s come with windows 10.

When you are open the device, you can feel the difference. It’s looking a leather, but it’s vegan leather. You can use three different ways. One is a usual way, in which every laptop is used. The second way is to use the display from the removing form bottom and attached it near the end of the keyboard. There is a magnet strong magnet that holds the display, and the final way is to flat the display on the keyboard.

Wait, Did I tell you about the size of the device! The Hp Elite folio size is 13.5inches. It’s between in 14inch. Most of the 2-in-1 devices are between that size because of their useability. Most of the user is like that size and along with me.

The webcam is decent to use, but you cannot expect high-quality cameras like apple iMac m1. You can use the windows hello features.

A person using HP Elite Folio. Color Black. Westnclock.com
A person using HP Elite Folio. Color Black

In this device, One best thinks is a keyboard. The keyboard is mushy, and the keys are more significant than standard laptop keys. If you are a writer, school student, or freelance writer who writes an email a lot, you will feel the difference between Apple MacBook pro. The trackpad is large enough. You can use it comfortably.

The laptop it’s comes with a pen. The pen is flat enough to stay at the device between the display and keyboard. While you don’t use the pen, you can keep it. Most of the tablets have come with a magnetic pen which you might lose in the future. In this case, there is no chance of losing your pen. 

This time HP collaboration with bang and Olufsen and the quad stereo speakers dose the job perfectly. The bass is excellent, and the vocals are clear. You can feel that sounds. 

The device comes with two is the type-c port, which I personally feel HP can add a single USB-B port that is the downgrade of the device. Overall the USB-C ports have red lights that mean you know that your device is reading the USB-C or charging.

The HP Elite Folio Gemalto programmable eSIM is pre-installed, Or you can add a physical Sim. If you are looking at mobile-centric devices it’s much-needed to have a sim.

Well! I tell you everything besides the pricing. The price of the device is $1799 and $1899. It’s all up to you to decide which variant you can get.

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