Is SBI Focused Equity Fund- Good for Investment 

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Every investment has a risk factor but the SBI Focused Equity fund has maximum risk. However, when come to the risks, you will get good retunes. As of now, I’m getting more than 50% of my investment returned. If you are buying covid time, As of now, the SBI-Focused Equity funds are worth to hold the funds.

We are recommended you go for a long-term investment, not a short-term investment. If you don’t have that much time then at least do for three to five years. Because at the end of the day, you will get benefited from this.

After buying the SBI Focused Equity, for example, if you buy Rs 1 lakh of share and you diced to sell it within then you have to pay 15% of tax and if you sold it after 1 year then you have to pay 10% of tax.

No tax is to be paid as long as you continue to hold the units.

 No such dividend you can’t get. However further investment in the same fund will dividend income exceeding Rs. 5,000 in a financial year, the fund house also deducts a TDS of 10% before distributing the dividend.

One-year graph in 2023
One-year graph.
Investment graph
Investment graph
Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation
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