Israel Government Advance Process of Developing 780 Home Before Biden Administers

Donald and Netanyahu

Sunday 17th Jan- Israel government advance the process of developing 780 Homes in West Bank settlements. The last-minute plan is approved by Donald Trump Administered before he leaves office.

In the report, Peace Now said- 90 percent of the home will be made in the deep West Bank of Israel. makes into independent states. and over two hundred homes were placed in unauthorized outposts that the govt. has set to countenance.

Israel Government fast froward the settlement construction before Trump administer leave the office. As per the Peace Now, it’s a recording number build a house, right now 12,000 homes are made in 2020. Peace also said, 2012 have the same number of build a house.

“By promoting hundreds of settlement units, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is once again putting his political interests over those of the country,” the report says.

Israel government knows that the Biden Administer may point the finger, so the Israeli government doesn’t want to collision him them. This will help Palestinians in the long-term.

President Benjamin Netanyahu’s office didn’t pass any comment, however the last week, he said he would seek approvals for the construction projects, and 100 homes are made in Tal Menashe, the construction is made, where an Israel woman was killed in the last month.

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The Palestinians claim that the place where construction has happened, it’s under the Independent states of Palestinians.

Which is occupied by Israel in Mideast war- 1967. Over the population growth and high demand makes it increasingly difficult to achieve their dream of independence.

The Global community opposed settlement construction. But Donald Trump and their closer ties to the settler movement took a distinct approach. His administration didn’t criticize Israeli settlement announcements, and in a very landmark call, proclaimed in 2018 that it didn’t contemplate settlements to be hot underneath jurisprudence.

According to Pence Now, the Israel government planned approver 27,000 building house, it’s more than 2.5 times the number approved during the Obama administration”

President-elect Joe Biden is predicted to come back to the normal U.S. position of opposing settlement, setting the stage for a potential clash with Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu.

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