Russian President Vladimir Putin Rule Until 2036

Vladimir Putin

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed new legislation that will able him to stay in power until 2036. Russian President Vladimir Putin already in power for more than 20 years. This is the longest period in leadership.

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In the old legislation, President Putin could be selected for two consecutive six-year terms to end in 2024. That time limit does not change in new legislation, but the change is Putin’s previous terms will not be counted in new legislation; with the recent constitutional amendment, he can stay in power till 2036.

According to the old Russian constitution, Putin was elected in 2012 for president and again re-elected as president in 2018. He will stay till 2024. The same person cannot hold the president’s chair for more than two terms in Russia.

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In 2020, a constitutional referendum was held in Russia for the new legislation. And 78% vote for change the old legislation. In a speech to the State Duma, Russia’s Lower House of Parliament Putin mentioned US President Franklin D Roosevelt, who served four terms.

In March 2020, The new legislation was passed by the Lower House of Parliament.

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