The Biden administration stop the defense deal with UAE and Saudi Arabia

Joe Biden

Yesterday Washington DC, The US formal President Joe Biden holds the defense deal with Saudi Arabia and UAE. According to the U. S official, the billion-dollar deal is on review.

The new administration are hold the arms sale, the new president Joe Biden want to ensure that the defense items are in safe hand.

A few months back- the Donald Trump government creates a billion-dollar defense for UAE and Saudi Arabia. UAE is highly interested in purchasing F-35 and other areas. Initially, U. S Ex-president Donald Trump’s government and the Israeli government aren’t ready to sell those items. However, the Trump government has some terms and conditions, like they have to recognize Israeli as a Country.

Still, The Israeli government is not confident about the US and Middle East country deal.

Donald Trump’s Government tells the Israeli government that F-35 so call 5th generation fighter plane will modernize for UAE. Those Fight planes will be less power, and if UAE or Saudi Arabia attacks the Israeli, then the Israeli air force can fight with them.

Donald Trump’s administration tells their country that “we creating a golden word for the US and make a historical moment.” US government knows that the pandemic economically disrupts them. The dollar can help the US to make a great country.

Expert Opinion, Because of the deal, the Saudi Arabia air force and military can bomb on Iran field and the violating human rights. Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia also not recognized as a democratic country

When Biden was a vice president in Barack Obama’s administration, the Obama government wants peace in the Middle East so that why the Obama government wants to create a Nuclear deal with Iran. To maintain the law and order and also, the Biden government thinks, if the law and order are maintained then they will slowly remove the military force. So that is way, the defense deal is stopped and it’s on the table for review.

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