The Great American Civil War Might Be Back Soon

American Civil War

History might be repeating itself because of the 2020 U.S Presidential Election result. The great American Civil War might be back because of Trump’s defeat. The U.S.A already on a high alert, so they deployed 20000 soldiers for their citizen’s safety.

The pro-Trump supporters already did violence in the capitol building. Donald Trump’s aggressive statement already violated the national security in U.S.A After, The U.S congress certified Biden’s victory.

20th January 2021 the day when the Democratic Party member and the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election Mr. Joe Biden take the seat of U.S President from Donald Trump.

The defeated President Donald Trump already told that “I’m not leaving this easily” and that statement is a huge concerned for Democratic Party. The U.S.A capital Washington DC is placed under high alert in President Joe Biden’s adjuration.

If a war can begin that day then this is often a shameful issue in a rustic like U.S of America. The Republican members already said that “Trump could go in jail if he will do any mess in our country”.

Why the civil war might be started? The answer is very simple. The Pro-Trump supporters don’t want Joe Biden as a president.

Donald Trump did many mistakes in his Presidential term, but because of China’s reason and Trump’s American’s first policy he has many supporters in America like other politicians. For, now many American wants to punish China because of Chinese virus as known as Corona Virus.

Joe Biden has very soft on China like other Democratic members. But, the Republicans are different they are very harsh policies on china. They will continue the U.S-China trade deal. The U.S.A will impose many sanctions for the Hong-Kong crisis, Tibet reason, Taiwan security threat, Uighur Muslims Human rights issues, and South China Sea reason.

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