Donald Trump Government Decide to Cuba as “state sponsor of terror”

USA and Cuba

Monday, Jan 2021: Donald Trump Administer made decide against the Democrat party (Proved them wrong) to Cuba as a “state terror sponsor country. March- 2016 After 44th president Barack Obama visits Cuba and the first American president who visit cube, and he trying to establish diplomatic relations with Cuba. Today Donald Trump’s government is reversing the decision and make it difficult for President-elect Joe Biden.

Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the U.S Government had been focused from the starting on denying the Castro regime the resources it uses to “oppress its people at home”. He also said that Cuba is a safe place for Venezuelan terrorist Nicolas Maduro.

The government said: That is the simple message for the Cuban government. The Cuban government should stop support the Venezuelan people.

The U.S government said in the report that the Cuban government does not support the U.S government counter-terrorism policy. They also said the Cuban government is taking staff from Venezuela. It’s from billions of dollars in oil and thousands of employed to making Cuba.

Cuba has rejected such charges. In repudiating the allegations, President Miguel Díaz-Canel has aforesaid Cuba was the victim of acts of terrorism. He cited an associate degree armed attack on its embassy in Washington last April as together example.

Cubans see the blacklist as serving to the U.S. justify the long-standing embargo on the island and alternative economic sanctions that have lame its economy.

Pompeo aforementioned the U.S. would still support the Cuban folks in their want for a democratic government and respect for human rights, and freedom of faith, expression, and association.

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