US send an order to USS Nimitz stay in the Middle East

The USS Nimitz seen with its accompanying strike group in the Indian Ocean in July 2020.

Washington Sunday: last night US Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller gives an order to US aircraft carrier Nimitz to stay in remain place in Middle East Sea. Miller says that it’s routing deployment, there are not thread other countries. The aircraft carrier staying in US Central Command area of operations.

According to the internal source: Due to Iranian threats, the supercarrier will be staying there. Some office says that there are some personal interest between Donald Trump government and other official.

In past week: The Defense Secretary had set against a push to increase the carrier’s readying within the Gulf region. Nobody knows that Miller “push the supercarrier Nimitz will stay on Middle East Ocean” on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani the anniversary of the killing.

The tension rising between US and Iran. In this reason, US tweet to Iran “to showing that the B-52 nuclear bombers in Iran water. And also giving an advice to Iran “not to turn the New Year into a mourning for Americans.”

Iran appealed to the United Nations council on Thursday to prevent the U.S. from conducting what it referred to as heightened “military adventurism” within the Gulf and also the Asian nation ocean, together with dispatching nuclear-capable bombers to the region, declaring that it didn’t need conflict however would defend itself if necessary.

Trump administer try to put in war with Iran during Death of Soleimani. With the President’s time in the workplace running out, some analysts in Washington speculate Trump may trigger a conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran to distract from his failing, unfounded makes an attempt to overturn his election loss and to complicate his successor’s plans for the region.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says that Donald Trump’s government put us at war. Donald Trump’s government pressure on President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign against Iran.  

Donald Trump doesn’t want the “Iran nuclear deal will resume”. Which sign by 44th president Barack Obama. Iran also knows that the real threat is US National security, particularly throughout this era of heightened risk because of the approaching day of remembrance of the Soleimani assassination.

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