Washington D.C children are not permitted to sledding on Capitol Grounds

sledding on Capitol Grounds

This year D.C Children isn’t allowed to sledding on the west side of Capitol ground, Due to covid-19 and also security reasons.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton asking Capitol Police to allow the children to sled on Sunday and next week. According to the D.C weather forecast, this is maybe the last snowfall in Washington D. C.

Holmes Norton also says this best place to sledding in Washington D.C due to the high-thickness metropolitan climate. I wrote a bill to Capitol Police allowing them.

The Capitol ground and the building closed since the Donald Trump supporter attack the building on January 6th and security highly tight by the D.C Police. Sledding can do safely by allowing children and their parents. After the attack, the Capitol police are now highly alert and concern about the building security. Editor Note “Donald Trump Ally don’t need the triumph of President-Elect Joe Biden and guaranteed political decision in congress.”

Kids across America have persevered through a very testing year, and D.C. youngsters specifically have persevered through the Covid pandemic as well as now the militarization of their city, Sledding is a simple, childhood thrill Norton says.

Capitol Police says “unfortunately we are not allowing for this year, in future, we will allowing sledding”. we cannot allow sledding on the Capitol complicated at this point,” the statement aforementioned.

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