Why Microsoft Office is changing its Name

Microsoft office

Microsoft takes a bigger step to change its product name from office 365 to Microsoft 365. Microsoft thinks tank says it’s just only one platform and the name of the product changes. There is no difference between Office 365 to Microsoft 365. The actual subscription plan remains the same as before.

From the client’s point of view, there is no difference between them, apps remain the same. Clients are getting the same price. The subscription you had on Apr twenty is the same because the subscription you had on Apr twenty-one, solely with a special name. However, in the interest of clarity and also the inevitable annual renewals, this could be an honest time to travel over simply what Microsoft 365 packages are unit presently on the market.

What Microsoft offers  Microsoft offers its customer; various products at various price points. Here’s the price list below,

Microsoft 365 subscription plan.
Microsoft 365 subscription plan.

What you need to do, which plan is right for you. I know there is plenty of question, but trust me. Those questions will help you to choose the right plan and don’t waste your money in the wrong place.

If you are a normal guy, and you’re using only Microsoft office then the $5 per month plan it’s perfect for you, there’s no facility, except cloud services. Like- OneDrive, and SharePoint.

If you are a business person, there is no point, you have to buy the $12.50 per month plan or may consider the 8.25 per month plan however, the cloud service is limited. If you are a start-up-based company then, I recommend you to go with a $12.50 per month plan. There is more facility. If you think that your start-up is in the initial stage then you might go with an $ 8.25 per month plan. I know the best features come at a significant cost.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan is brilliant but there are pros and cons. The Pro thing is, you can get more access with more facilities, however, Con: there is no con except you. You have asked yourself that do you need that extra benefit that Microsoft offers you.

Microsoft 365 For Home

One of the great plans is Microsoft 365 for home. I know Microsoft offers so many plans, you can confused between them. This plan is for only Microsoft home but, you can use it another way- You can buy the subscription or, or you can use it at your store. Only this plan can use by 6 people and you can save more.

What is new in this plan

Microsoft offers you a mobile app, Spelling and grammar assistance plus advanced grammar and style refinements. And also, there are hundreds of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered premium templates.

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